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LefreQue English
The acoustic revolution for wind intruments.

Exclusivity: Feeling Musique presents the acoustic accessory which changes and improves every brass and woodwind intruments.

The different shapes

Several models can suit every kind of instruments. Nowadays, there are four types of lefreQue: 

- 33 mm: trumpet, cornet, bugle, horn, flut (see also 41 mm), clarinet, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone 

- 41 mm: trombone, euphonium, tuba, alto flut, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone 

- 76 mm: big instruments, bass bassoon parts or baritone saxophone

- Special double reeds: oboe, bassoon  

lefreque brass vintage 33 mm uk

The different materials

Each type of lefreQue is available in several metals and produces several acoustic effects. In general, each of them rounds the instrument's sound and amplifies the sound radiation and also amplifies the feeling of having a richer acoustic which gives musicians more comfort.

The different kind of materials are:

brass, brass vintage, red brass, silver plated, solid silver, silver gold plated.








The two plates are to be put one on the other. The one with barb is to be put on the upper creating some room where the air conducts pure harmonics.


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