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This plain instrument has been created by one of the great specialist*   in orchestra at school education.
It is in fact a chalumeau  made up of a eight holes PVC tube. The hole’s shapes and spacing have been highly studied in order to get the right intonation. Many instruments can be used together for an entire class.
At first the aim was to deliver a meticulous fabrication plan and to purchase a Clarinet mouthpiece and some Clarinet accessories. This instrument in kit would have been complicated to create and in the end more expensive than this operational set.
                                                                                                                                           IIPOSCC1713.jpgOther variety of deeper instruments and also some flutes and piccolos will be soon available. So many accessible initiation music instruments, and yet well in tune and easy to play. The simple reed IIPOS is available… price and order on Feeling website.




*Stéphane Fourreau  is one of great specialist of collective practices education. He founded Fougères, a wind band class at the secondary school for which he taught himself instrument making. At the beginning he was the only instructor who taught all wind instrument of the orchestra with a high quality result. Many concerts of his teenagers’ orchestras have been surprising by their high quality in some beautiful halls, at the Champs Elysées, on the stairs of the Palais Brongniart or during special ceremonies.

The IIPOS method by Stéphane Fourreau will be soon available: Feeling Musique Publishing


Stéphane Fourreau’s Interview at Feeling Musique Paris and presentation of the bass IIPOS


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